“Successful reproduction” Shenma’s new generation of computing power king M20S shocked

“Successful reproduction” Shenma’s new generation of computing power king M20S shocked

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The power king “Shenma M10S”, 55TH/s & 65W/T, was born on September 18, 2018.

    The previous generation of the power king “Shenma M10S” was released on September 18, 2018 in Shenzhen Shekou Hilton. The site attracted more than 600 participants. At that time, the participants were still surprised and praised by the M10S high computing power. Reverberating in the ear also encouraged us to move higher.
    Today, we have once again created a miracle in the spirit of corporate culture of “ingenuity, innovation, and success”, bringing a new generation of computing power “Shenma M20S” to the industry, with a computing power of  68  THsah/s The power consumption ratio is as low as 48 W/T . 


The birth of Shenma M20S
2019.04.07 chip arrival
2019.01.28 chip TapeOut
2018.09.20 chip development start
2019.04.08 M20 was born
2019.02.01 hardware design completed
2018.10.20 Hardware design startup
awesome! ! !

· Based on the research and development of “Full Custom Methodology”, the design of the chip from scratch has been completed within 4 months, praise!

· Keep improving, repeat verification, ensure success, one-time succession, praise!

· Solid and reliable supply chain foundation, solid R&D and testing capabilities, the chip will arrive in Shenzhen within 24 hours to make the whole machine, praise!

Successfully visible, come to measure
▲▲High energy in front, please adjust the sound to small ▲▲
First, the new generation of computing power: Shenma M20S measured video ⬇️

M20S: Calculated power 68.4T, power consumption 48.45W/T

Second, return to the king: Shenma M21 measured video ⬇️

M21: Calculated power 30.5T, power consumption 58.75W/T

*  M20S and M21 are the first actual measurements, and the performance has already become the industry benchmark. However, we continue to optimize and improve, and we hope to go further in mass production. Please look forward to better performance.

Cold winter mining, active cold protection – blockchain practitioners in the cold winter

On December 16, the “First Global Consensus Security Industry Summit and Mining Industry Upgrade Summit Forum” was successfully held in Wuhan.

Thanks to the careful preparations of the organizers, the mining pools, mining machines, mines, miners, as well as the capital, finance, media, and other companies and practitioners gathered together.

Focusing on the theme of “core industry, heart consensus, new finance, and salary opportunities”, I have published my insights on mining machines, market futures, and winter survival. While reaching a new consensus, I also discussed the future development of the mining industry. The direction.

MicroBT Company
MicroBT Company

Zhang Wencheng, deputy general manager of Shenma Mining Machinery, introduced three models of Shenma in the sale: the mining machine M10S, M10, and the DCR D1. Among them, the power of the Shenma mining machine M10S can reach 71.5TH/S, the power consumption is 65W/T, and the low power consumption mode can reach 60W/T. It is the most powerful and lowest power machine in the 16nm chip. D1 is the best machine in the DCR currency. Compared with the current price, the D1 daily income is around 100 yuan, ahead of the ant mining machine DR5. The power of Shenma Mining D1 is 48TH/S, and the power consumption is 46W/T. Even in the low-power mode of 38W/T, the computing power can reach 35TH/S. In order to give back to the miners in the cold winter, Shenma Mining Machinery made a strategic investment, and will sell the M10 in the near future, and will launch a large wave of preferential sales for D1.

For Shenma Mining M10, according to Zhang Wencheng, this is the only machine in the industry that has achieved 33T computing power +65W/T power consumption in the 16nm process and 28T computing power +57W/T in low power mode. Even the 7-nanometer mining machine launched by Friends has not achieved such a large amount of computing power.

The reason why Shenma Mining Machine achieves such high performance is to pursue the ultimate product. “In the mining industry, technology is the first. With the support of funds, the leading mining company is easy to stand out. In 2019, I think the Shenma mining machine is a mining machine manufacturer that will make everyone imagine. In 2019, choosing God horse is the choice of God machine!” Zhang Wencheng said.

Finally, Zhang Wencheng, vice president of Bit Micro Shenma Mining Machinery, believes that the profit in winter is not important, and it is most important to survive. Three suggestions on how to bear the survival of the bear market: holding the group to find funds, selecting new mining machines with low power consumption, and taking resources.