Fastest Bitcoin Miners


Fastest Bitcoin Miners.
the fastest bitcoin miner in the world.
fastest bitcoin miner hardware.
Only miner with 400 and 10 TeraHash.


MicroBT M40 Fastest Bitcoin Miners in the World.

High Hashrate. High Efficiency.

Our most popular miner is now even better. MicroBT M40 is mining SHA-256 algorithm with a powerful hashrate of 410 Th/s at only a power consumption of 2570W.

It is built with the most advanced 10th Generation ASIC Bitcoin Miner technology and 7NM chip to achieve high efficiency, using high quality fans for the extra heat dissipation and longevity.

The MicroBT M40 requires Ethernet network connection and has an Auto PSU, which can run on any input voltages. The compact size and weight makes it easy to use and transport. Product’s allowed operating temperature is between -5° – 45°C.

Most efficient miner for Acoin (ACOI), Bitcoin (BTC), Peer coin (PPC), Bitcoin Cash (PPC), Cure Coin (CURE), eMark (DEK), Joule coin (XJO), Unbrea kable (UNB), Crown (CRW) and Terra coin (TRC).

With our calculator, you can calculate the daily earnings from mining, – using MicroBT M40 Fastest Bitcoin Miners.

In case the product has stopped working please visit our repair unit. You can reach the documents for technical support and our warranty policy from here.

To contact us please visit our support page, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Technical Details

  • Product Name: Whatsminer M40
  • MicroBT Brand New M40 Bitcoin ASIC Miner based on SHA256 algorithm
  • Model: M40
  • Hashrate: 410 Th/s
  • Chip: 7NM
  • Power Consumption: 2570W
  • Algorithm: SHA256
  • Generation: 10th Generation ASIC Bitcoin Miner
  • Input-voltages: Automatic Power Supply which can run on any input voltages, including 110V, 120V, 230V, 220V, 240V, 115V,127V.
  • Dimensions: 298mm*178mm*296mm
  • Weight: 18.69KG
  • Networking Connection: Ethernet
  • Power line: IEC C19, 16A
  • Working Temperature: -5°C – 45°C

Mineable coins

Acoin (ACOIN)
Acoin (ACOI)

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin (BTC)

Peercoin (PPC)
Peer coin  (PPC)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Cure Coin (CURE)
Cure Coin (CURE)

eMark (DEK)
eMark (DEK)

Joulecoin (XJO)
Joule coin (XJO)

Unbreakable (UNB)
Unbreakable (UNB)

Crown (CRW)
Crown (CRW)

Terracoin (TRC)
Terra coin (TRC)


Microbt M40 Fastest Bitcoin Miners Additional Information

Whatsminer M40
microbt m40

microbt whatsminer m40
microbt m40

Fastest Bitcoin Miners
Fastest Bitcoin Miners


Currencies accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others.

Bank Transfer: We are accepting bank wire Transfers.

Cash: You can pay in cash when you purchase from our Warehouse.


1. A 180-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date.
2. You will get a refund if you are not satisfied with the miner within 15 days.
3. We will cover the shipping cost when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period after that you need to pay the shipping cost and for damage part replacement.
4. Shipping will be made within 24 hours of your order placement.

Additional Information

The power supply (PSU) is included.
Automatic power supply (PSU) can run on any AC voltages such as 110V,220V,240V,100V so that means you can use any input voltages including solar.


1. A year warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. To avail of this warranty, a repair ticket must be generated by the customers after emailing

2. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the machine directly from this website, Once the miner is resold warranty coverage becomes the responsibility of the re-seller.
3. All sales are final, refunds will be granted within 15 days max. Defective miners can be repaired for free if they fall under the warranty policy. After the warranty period, machines can be repaired at the cost of parts and labor.

4. The following events will void the warranty:
a. The customer removes/replaces any components by himself without receiving permission from Us.
b. Damage caused by a poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges;
c. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips;
d. Miner/boards/components damage due to water.
5. For all repairs or RMA, within warranty or not, the customer must return the defective parts at his/her own expense after opening a support ticket and troubleshooting with instructions.
6. We will cover shipping costs when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period.
7. If you notice there are some loose heatsinks when you receive the miner, please inform us by email to within 3 days from the date the package is received according to UPS/DHL/FEDEX’s website.
8. We do not take any responsibility for or compensate for any loss as a result of downtime caused by delays in transportation as a result of custom formalities or other reasons.


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